Billy Cranston
LJ Userinfobluedorkranger
Fandom Power Rangers
Away Team Alpha
Department(s) Engineering
Player Zoki

Species Human
Height 5' 7" (170 cm)
Weight How the heck should I know?
Hair Fluffy, blond, great for nesting in
Eyes Sea green
Age 17 Earth years (prev. 16, had birthday)
Birthday April 1st
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois


All his life, Billy Cranston was a nerd in search of an opportunity.

He was born somewhere in a parallel United States on April 1st, year unknown but assumed to be late 1970s. Before he even started kindergarten, some signs of his future potential were evident. He graduated from an Accelerated Baby Genius program, quickly acquired a massive vocabulary, and demonstrated an interest in taking mechanical devices apart to learn how they worked. Some time during his childhood, he moved to the quaint Southern California town of Angel Grove.

Anyone familiar with popular media tropes will know what his school life was like: as a strange geeky kid, he was an unfamiliar entity to his peers. The shy boy in oversized overalls and cumbersome glasses perplexed his fellow students, so he was ignored by all but a few: the local bullies, who found an excellent source of lunch money. The lonely Billy could have easily slipped into a lingering bout of depression, but a chance bonding with four compassionate teenagers changed his life for the better, in more ways than they could have anticipated.

An otherwise unremarkable story about a clique of five unlikely friends in high school became a legend worthy of the divine threads when circumstance forced them into bright multicolored spandex, the preferred wardrobe of---you guessed it---superheroes. You see, an ancient sorceress named Rita Repulsa had been sealed in a space dumpster thousands of years in the past by the equally ancient wizard Zordon. In the process, though, he somehow got himself sealed in a time warp. With his little robotic assistant Alpha at his side, he watched from his outpost on Earth and waited.

After ten thousand years, Rita broke free with the aid of two unwitting astronauts. It was time to conquer Earth, a quest coincidentally starting with Angel Grove. The alarm sounded in Zordon's base as clay monsters started to descend on the city. Unable to banish her himself, Zordon ordered Alpha to summon five overbearing, emotional humans to take up the cause. Who did they pick? Billy and friends, of course.

And so Jason, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, and Billy became Earth's first team of Power Rangers, young vigilantes wearing silly helmets and bright spandex. And if that wasn't bad enough, they were also given access to Zords---giant robots capable of mass destruction, for use against Rita's magical growing monsters. Zordon's lucky he grabbed the purest goody-goodys to ever walk the Earth, or that could have easily ended badly.

In the beginning, Billy appeared to be an anomaly among the Rangers. Jason, Trini, and Zack were veteran martial artists, and Kimberly was a nimble gymnast with considerable skill. Billy? He was pretty much defenseless against the hordes of monsters. Sure, his inventions were key to many of their victories, but he needed to learn how to defend himself. Slowly, the others trained him---it was a long, painful process that made him feel inferior and useless at times, but within a year he had become more than capable of holding his own.

Time brought new friends: the atoning Green Ranger Tommy, the cheerful and carefree warrior Rocky, the sassy and sweet Aisha, and quiet and thoughtful Adam. Always, no matter how far they roamed, the Rangers pledged to stand by each other and their world through thick and thin. Until the Ohm ripped through the fabric of their universe, that is. Now, they're on a mission with stakes higher than ever before.

Game HistoryEdit

From frightened geek to shepherd of the Engineering crew-monkeys to awkwardly-dressed Ranger, Billy's ship life has been one excitement after another. (but whose hasn't?)

His story begins where all crew stories begin, with a slimy awakening. Upon realizing that he hadn't been captured by Rita or Zedd, but instead would be helping a group of people on a strange ship figure out the truth of their situation and get home, he took to his new environment rather well—in particular, he was attracted to the laboratory facilities. ((But not attracted in that way, you pervs.)) He was a bit too calm, actually, as his relative lack of distress attracted the suspicion of Brainiac 5. Left in an unfamiliar situation surrounded by complete strangers, and dependent on their trust and cooperation, he broke Ranger Rule #3: Keep your identity secret. Not that it mattered much, as he wouldn't have access to his powers for quite a while.

Soon enough, he was gearing up (and gearing everyone else up) for missions. Among the highlights:

  • It hadn't been long since his awakening when the Yeerk took control of several crew members and attempted to destroy Stacy's brain. He'd armed the crew for the battle, and was forced to demonstrate his athletic ability for the first time when crossing a precarious network of beams to retrieve a power cable.
  • Some time later, he was sent with a group consisting entirely of future team leaders to retrieve a pod on a strange planet. He poked his nose too close to a hallucinogenic plant, nearly stopping his team's progress right there. It was definitely not one of his prouder moments. Since that day, he's kept a scanner on hand at all times.
  • A joyous—well, not exactly joyous, but relieving event followed his return from that failed mission (on his part, anyway—the rest of the team succeeded). Among the next batch of podlings stood Adam Park, one of his dear friends from Angel Grove. It was an enormous relief to have him around.
  • Later, after a dramatic trial, a crew was appointed to take control of Stacy's bridge. As an engineer and warrior, Billy was selected to go. On the quest for the bridge, he attempted to rescue colleague Wyn Callahan from a space pirate. Said pirate sufficiently pissed her off, and Wyn ended up rescuing him. This would become a recurring theme in their working relationship.
  • Then, he was somehow roped into spreading the holiday spirit to an Earth that had almost lost its own, in the vein of countless holiday specials. He ended up supporting the Bene Gesserit on their quest to bring peace to Baghdad, ensuring that Sheeana's mystical efforts against the enemies of holiday spirit succeeded.
  • And the lowlights: Billy learned the hard way that heroes can't save everyone. Shortly after Wyn's rescue, the courageous B5 leapt in the way of an alien death ray to save the rest of their small team from certain doom. Despite Brainy and Billy's best repair efforts, the young hero died in Brainy's arms. That event destroyed Billy's equilibrium for quite a while---somehow, against the odds, no one had ever died on the Power Rangers' watch before. Grief for his lost comrade combined with anxiety over Adam's fate to make that period a very stressful time. Thankfully, Adam had survived the zombie attack on the other side of the wall---but the sorrow didn't fade.
  • Some time later, a Nightmare King started to emerge from his sealed prison. It was time to conquer Earth Stacy! Every member of the crew experienced their worst nightmares coming to life, and Billy's was particularly problematic: he feared being forced to commit evil acts via a spell. Predictably, the effort wore away at the Ranger's resolve and confidence until the King succeeded in obtaining an evil pawn in blue spandex. The new evil Ranger spent most of his time giving dramatic speeches, but managed to deal devastating blows to some of Billy's closest friends before his true personality could re-emerge. That left a rippling uneasiness for a time after the Nightmare King was defeated, but some patience and support from friends soon healed most of the damage.

And the strangest aspect of life aboard Stacy? Somehow, after the Yeerk battle, Billy and partner Allen Gentry were appointed to head up the Engineering department. Then-acting captain Cybil Bennett's reasoning? Every other engineer at the time was either a mad scientist or a jerk. Billy serves his department as the resident Nice Guy---he's not hard to please, just don't be a jerk and he'll try his hardest to get the crew whatever they need. And even if someone is a jerk, he'll help.

Even if they make fun of his silly costume. Wyn.

Notable Crew RelationshipsEdit

For someone who's supposed to be a shy geek, Billy seems to have quite a large social circle. Some of his longer relationships:

Allen Gentry (OC)
One of Billy's other first acquaintances, Allen is his partner and co-chair of the meatship's Engineering department. They don't often speak outside of official business, but he admires the man's drive, casual attitude, and ingenuity. Allen admires Billy too...for reasons that Billy will likely never be privy to. As it turns out, Allen watched Power Rangers as a child, and the Blue Ranger was one of his personal heroes. If Billy ever finds out, say hello to awkward sailing.
Wyn Callahan (OC)
Wyn is one of Billy's favorite people. The two of them instantly built a rapport upon Wyn's arrival, a happy banter based on intelligent snark. The woman is wonderfully creative and fun-loving, and she's managed to convince him to loosen his extreme insistence on work before play a little. Since she saved him from a space pirate battle not too long ago, his respect for her has deepened.
Oh, and they teach Chemistry lessons together. Given Wyn's fondness for explosions, that certainly won't end badly at all.
Katara (Avatar The Last Airbender)
The Waterbender is a newer friend. She first met Billy in preparation for the quest for the Bridge, based on a conversation about the merits of a hero. Since then, they've come to admire each other's abilities and become curious about their worlds. Billy admires Katara's spunk, determination, and her healing skills.
Mei Ling (Metal Gear Solid)
Mei Ling is one of the smartest communications engineers he knows. He loves trying to puzzle out her proverbs, and they share a good joke now and then. Oh, and they kissed adorably when GLaDOS trapped them in her mistletoe forcefields of evil. She's been missing for a while now, and slipped almost imperceptibly out of his memory...but by the mystery of the tentacles, that's about to change.
Jamie McCrimmon (Doctor Who)
The brave young Scotsman is one of Billy's newer friends. They bonded in the TARDIS-simulation over the trials and tribulations of life, and now he has a new friend to exchange cultural data with. And he plays the bagpipes really well. :|b Jamie's a smart lad, but Billy tries to tone down the more obscure technobabble for his sake.
Jono Starsmore/Chamber (Generation X)
Jono was one of Billy's first acquaintances on board Stacy. Billy was unsettled by his telepathic voice at first, but over time they've remained cordial to each other. Jono has quite the singing voice, actually, not that he hears it terribly often.
Goliath (Gargoyles)
Since their first meeting in Stacy's crowded hallways, Billy's become fascinated by the gargoyle clan's culture. Goliath's stony resolve is a source of inspiration, but he also has a philisophical side that Billy would love to delve into. At Goliath's request, Billy has made a note to keep an eye out for a woman named Elisa Maza.
Kang (Dragonlance)
The inquisitive and courageous warrior is another victim of Billy's raging xenophilia crew member he'd really like to get to know. Billy currently teaches him the basic scientific knowledge he'll need to work in the Engineering department, and thoroughly enjoys listening to the Draconian's riveting war tales. He also looks quite good in a top hat.
Renne (OC)
When they first met, the little blue imp was afraid of humans, fearing that each one would betray him like the ones before. Renne still has difficulty accepting humans into his life, but Billy is attempting to win him over with kindness and patience. It seems to be partially working---the little imp has dubbed Billy 'Bee' and claimed a permanent riding spot on the Blue Ranger's shoulder.
Oh, and in a flash of his trademark impulsiveness motivated by curiosity and friendship, he's gone and created a Bond with Renne. After they'd known each other for about a week. Yes, Billy's a bit of an idiot, but the bond is a powerful feeling. He has a family again, if a small one.

Kaylee Frye (Firefly)

The latest edition to Billy's little harem of Engineering women, the sunny mechanic of Serenity is particularly adept at getting the Blue Ranger to smile, even in dark hours. She brightens up the laboratory to an almost absurd degree of liveliness, and he's very happy to have her around. But let her get too close to the other women and there may be trouble...

Altered MemoriesEdit

This section is about how dropped characters and lost memories have adjusted themselves to fit into his narrative:

Brainiac 5 ...oh boy, this one left a mess. He was Billy's introduction to the Engineering world of the ship and the reason he gave up the 'secret identity' part of his oath. An extraordinarily intelligent man with anti-social tendencies, their working relationship was very tentative but laced with mutual respect. He was the reason Billy cared about B5, and together they worked in futility to save him. With him gone, everything involving B5 is fuzzy and corrupted. Billy attributed most of his memories of Brainy to B5, and believes that his human failings were solely responsible for the death.

Adam Park For a time, the Black Ranger was present on-ship and provided Billy with much needed support and companionship. He was always there for Billy when things got rough in the climaxes of tough battles. These memories were altered to have Billy surrounded by the spirits of his old friends instead of having anyone physically present, with the only alteration being that Adam's voice in those memories is louder than it would have been in Angel Grove.

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