Amelia Varista
LJ Userinfochattybroad
Fandom OC
Away Team
Player The Guindo

Species Human
Height 5'7"
Hair Copper red
Eyes Brown
Age 20
Birthday Novembris 19
Place of Birth Alrael, Almsland

Hey PS if you haven't done it yet you should let me know what element your characters are.


Amelia is 5'7" - kind of tall, for a woman - with a heart-shaped face framed by copper hair. Her hair runs down to the small of her back, but as per the customs of her world she wears it bound as unmarried women should, usually in a bun at the nape of her neck. She has wide brown eyes, a defined nose, and full lips.

Normally she wears things with lots of ruffles, mostly in shades of purple and blue, because that is how summoners are supposed to dress. Now, obviously, she is not wearing these things, and it totally weirds her out. Without her huge ruffly skirts, her wide hips stand out more, which makes her self-conscious. She's never liked her figure - big on the bottom and small on the top - and form-fitting plantsuits don't help.

You'll probably never see it, but she has a large scar on her left forearm from when she was bitten as a child by a needley-toothed horse-sized lizard called a thurgia.


Amelia is intelligent, outgoing, friendly, and kind. She's also ANNOYING AS FUCK. Stubborn, outspoken and opinionated, hot-tempered, and incredibly rude, not to mention way overtalkative. There's a reason one of her traveling companions keeps referring to her as "the chatty broad."

Let's start with the outgoing and friendly bit. Amelia is an extrovert. When she's bored, she finds people to bother, and she feeds off of the energy of those around her. She thinks nothing of going up to a perfect stranger and starting a conversation, and is generally capable of carrying that conversation for a while. Er, by herself. Because she won't stop talking long enough for the other person to get a word in. The way she tells stories is meandering and full of pointless details and the actual humour of a humourous anecdote will get lost fast in the web of unrelated digressions. So I mean, good luck with that. But once she actually gets to know somebody she'll slow down a bit and actually liiii...well...hear, at least. I can't speak for listening.

She's one of those people who's intelligent but lacks common sense. Her godfather puts it: "She is smart. When she wants to be." She thinks school is boring (especially history UGH, but how can you call history boring when your world has a LITERAL ZOMBIE ATTACK in its history??) and doesn't remember most of the stuff she learned in her schooling. She's capable of deep thinking and logical reasoning (capable, but doesn't exercise that capability as often as she should), but does things like fail to realize how mentioning to a Zheni that LaoZhen is full of barbarians might cause offense.

Her biggest problem, by far, is that she doesn't think before opening her mouth. She doesn't consider the consequences of her actions. Add to this a quick, explosive temper, and you have a recipe for disaster. There was an incident where a couple of old ladies were talking down to one of her friends, and Amelia defended her by calling them "stuck up Wey stereotypes." She got caned over the head and spent all day sulking about how much she hated that stupid city instead of realizing that MAYBE she shouldn't have insulted an old biddy with a cane.

That leads to the next point. She's not afraid to speak up. If she doesn't like you, what you're doing, or what you're saying, she WILL call you on it, and not particularly tactfully, either (what is tact, can you eat it? Does it taste good on "subtlety"?). And if she doesn't like you for things you have done to her friends, she will hold a grudge FOR EV ER. If you upset her, she'll get over it. But if you upset her friends, oh boy, I sure hope you love having Amelia get pissy every time she sees your face.

On top of all that, she's incredibly stubborn. Good luck trying to get her to change her mind about anything ever. And she's sheltered and naive, so these things in combination can make her nigh intolerable at times.

But she is a genuinely nice person. She helps people out (unless it involves manual labour UGH) and tries to make friends with everyone. She might start fights (lots of fights), and get angry about things, but she's just hot-temered, not malicious. She teases her friends and fails to notice when or if that teasing crosses a line, but if she's told to back off, she will, and usually with an apology about how she didn't realize it bothered them.

Thanks to her godfather's influence, she's a strong individual. She doesn't let people push her around and always stands up for what she feels is right. She is a capable, headstrong young woman, who can think on her feet and - as long as she has her gun or her summons - knows how to defend herself.

Oh yeah and she makes up cockamamie theories that she is thoroughly convinced are true. Aaand she's a shipper. You know those yaoi fangirls who see gay subtext in everything? Yeaaah. (But lesbians? You're lying, that's not real. How would girls even DO that?)


Amelia grew up in Almsland's capital city, the Holy City of Alrael. She was born at the beginning of summer (Novembris 19th, to be exact), near the tail-end of Almsland's last war against LaoZhen. Her father and his best friend - her godfather, "Uncle Esteban" - were ANGELs (Alrael National Guard Elite Legion; sort of a cross between knights templar and navy seals), and as such were heavily involved in the Almsland/LaoZhen conflict.

When she was three, the final battle of the war took place. It's known now as the Massacre at Arithea, and Almsland lost. With a name like that, you can imagine how it went. Both her father and Uncle Esteban went to fight at Arithea, but only Uncle Esteban came back.

Uncle Esteban has been her only father as long as she can remember, and she doesn't mind. He's ~*awesome*~ as far as she's concerned. Her mother had a lot of support from her father's friends, so her childhood was pretty carefree and idyllic, despite losing her dad in the war. The most important of these friends were, of course, Uncle Esteban, and a young Almic priest named Rafsjalel Ahmnratasa (he goes by Joel - humans have some trouble with elven names).

When she was eight, her godfather quit ANGEL and moved back to his home city, D'Naba, which was three weeks away from Alrael, in the middle of the desert. He still came by to visit once or twice a year, but she missed his constant presence. In his absence, she spent more time with Joel and came to see him as an older brother/best friend kind of figure. He helped her with her schoolwork and taught her about Alm and faith and philosophy.

Her mother fell ill when she was twelve. It started slow, just a cough at first, but within months it turned serious. Uncle Esteban came back to Alrael to live with them and take care of Mrs. Varista, and while that should have been exciting (Uncle Esteban was back!!) it was bittersweet. Before a full year had passed, her mother was gone.

Uncle Esteban became her sole guardian, and she went to live with him in D'Naba, where he shared a home with his younger sister. He asked Joel to come stay with them, just to give Amelia another familiar face to have around after losing her mother and getting uprooted from the only home she'd ever known to move to a city where her godfather was the only person she knew.

Not long after Joel arrived, they began to realize something was off about Amelia. She was starting to see things. At first, it was just the edges of the world getting blurry, but then distinct shapes appeared - shapes only she could see. It was when the migraines began that Joel realized she was showing all the classic signs of a developing Spiritalker ability.

Since Alrael Cathedral is the only place that trains summoners, Joel took her back to Alrael with him and she began training at the church. She much preferred the familiarity of her home-city, and there were plenty of young summoners and priest trainees around her age, so she made friends quickly. The only downside of it was all the SCHOOLING and the fact that she was living three weeks away from Uncle Esteban again.

She finished training when she was twenty, and to become a fully fledged summoner, she had to undertake the summoner's quest: a journey across the known world to locate and Contract a repetoire of Spirits. She was SO EXCITED!!! about it that she did something stupid and decided to go out on this quest as soon as her training was finished.

In the middle of Quintilis. The dead of winter.

But the church shrugged and said okay and assigned her an ANGEL escort and they left, into the wild blue yonder! Joel came too, because she bugged him until he said he would.

Her ANGEL escort was a generic blonde named Matthew Richards who was a snarky, disagreeable douchebag. But Joel was there so it was okay - well it wasn't okay because Matt and Amelia fought. A lot. He was of the opinion that she was a naive, obnoxious brat, and she believed him to be a total jerkface. To be fair, they were both right.

Over the course of her quest so far, she's managed to make two Contracts, two new friends (a beastman named Victoria and a young mage named Oriole), several new enemies, capture an infamous wanted criminal, and reach some kind of friendship with Matt (he's still a dick, but he's amiable about it now). They had just returned to Alrael to prepare to set out for D'Naba when all this madness began.


Amelia is a Spiritalker trained as a summoner. There is this thing called the Spirit Plane, which is essentially the world of magic. Mages interact with it to cast their spells, and Spirits - powerful magical entities, including elementals, Angels and Gods - reside there. Spiritalkers have the ability to see and interact with the Spirit Plane.

The Spirit Plane looks, essentially, like a blackboard with coloured chalk outlines for everything it mirrors on the Mortal Plane (that thing everyone else lives on, sees, and interacts with). The coloured outlines reflect the innate element associated with everything. For instance, a campfire would appear outlined in red, and a river in blue, and tree in green, and so on. Spiritalker's Sight allows Spiritalkers to see these outlines overlaid over their normal vision, in perfect clarity. That means they can use their Sight to "see" in absolute darkness, because the lines will still be there. Everything has an elemental affinity of some kind, so things will never just not appear.

Spiritalker's Sight has problems, though. Rain makes everything blue, basically rendering a Spiritalker blind. Constantly seeing two separate planes at once will cause chronic migraines. (For this reason, Spiritalkers are taught how to turn off their Sight almost as soon as their ability develops, so that it can be toggled on and off when necessary.)

Spiritalker ability also means a natural magical affinity. Unfortunately, Alrael Cathedral does not train its summoners in magic. Amelia has the potential to learn, but as of now knows nothing. As a fire innate, she would have greatest control over fire elemental magic, and worst over water.

Thanks to summoner training, she has the ability to Contract and Summon Spirits on top of her natural Spiritalker abilities. There are some caveats to this: a Spirit cannot be forced to harm a summoner that it's Contracted (meaning you can't attack somebody with a summoned Spirit if they also have that Spirit Contracted), and Spirits (or summoners) can break a Contract at any time when they no longer feel like honouring it.

There's also the fact that, in order to summon a Spirit, it needs to still exist. And what with her world being destroyed and all, it means none of Amelia's Contracts will exist anymore in-game. But if there are angels, demons, elementals, etc, in the game, she'd be able to Contract them if they were willing. That means she could call on them and they would disappear from wherever they were to appear where she was. There are attack calls, defense calls, general calls - basically, the Spirit will know when it is summoned whether it's expected to attack or what. When dismissed, they would vanish and reappear wherever they were before being summoned.

A Contract is essentially an exchange of power. The Spirit gives the summoner a tiny piece of their magic which the summoner is able to use as a link to channel back to the Spirit. In exchange, the Spirit gets a chunk of the summoner's magical energy, which is why summoners aren't taught magic - they'd start out strong, and get weaker and weaker with each new Contract. This exchange is how Spirits grow power. If the summoner or Spirit breaks Contract, the exchange is undone and they both get their respective chunks of magic back. If either of them is killed, the other gets to keep it, but they don't get their own back. Amelia thankfully didn't have enough Contracts for that to have crippled her magically.

In addition to summoning powers, she also has this thing called a summoner's trance. By putting herself into a trance, she can project herself onto the Spirit Plane. Here she can interact directly with Spirits. Of course, while she's trancing, her body is in danger. She can awake from her trance either by walking back to her body, or by sound whack upside the head.

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