Aftran 942
LJ Userinfocattleherding
Fandom Animorphs
Away Team Your mom
Player Ket

Aftran icon

Aftran's application and concrit post can be found here.

Notable crewmatesEdit

  • Iniss 335/Tom Berenson
  • Marco
  • Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill
  • Rhiow

Meatship timelineEdit

  • April 1 - Podpop
  • June 11 - Shore Leave
  • July 22 - Meeting Cassie in Hydroponics
  • July 24 - Meeting dog!Marco and Jake
  • July 30-ish - Taken for testing by GLaDOS
  • February 11 - Returned to the ship, reunited with Iniss, and meeting with Rhiow
  • February 19 - Meeting Marco and Ax in the media library

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