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Aeneas is a sentient alien from an unknown planet and universe who is suffering from a severe case of amnesia. He is currently a member of Team Victor.

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Character History Edit

Two Years AgoEdit

Aeneas's first memories are from a nearly fatal spaceship crash on the planet Walrum. He landed in an escape pod near the small village of Aephos, where the resident, non space-faring sentients (called Awesonians) found him and hid him from the general public.

The accident left Aeneas with almost a third of his skeleton shattered and most of his lungs punctured. The sheer trauma of his injuries left him unconscious for several days, during which time the citizens decided to place the alien in the care of Doctor Palor Drake, the town medic and resident scientist. Drake also assisted in the cleanup and investigation of the destroyed escape pod.

When Aeneas awoke, he had no recollection of his past life, his place of origin, his name, or his species. He was also having trouble asking his caretakers these questions due to the obvious language barrier. Eventually a badly damaged translator was retrieved from the crash and Drake was able to repair and replicate it.

By that time the creature had decided to call himself 'Aeneas'—the only title that was important enough to remain in his memory despite it not being his actual name.

Aeneas spent the next three to four months recovering from his injuries. He used up his free time talking to the townspeople, meditating, and doing some limited
Walrum Map 1

A simplified geographical and political map of the planet Walrum (including crash site).

investigation of Aephos. Mostly Aeneas had long discussions with Drake. These usually consisted of scientific theories and debates on spirituality, but Aeneas also showed great curiosity towards the Awesonian society and species in general—which was odd, since he showed a considerable lack of interest for discovering his own customs.

As Drake told it, Walrum was a mostly land planet with polar oceans connected by a pair of reefs, creating two continents. Each continent had its own government; there was the Enkriss Empire with its capital on the large mainland, and the Hedon Alliance with its origin on the smaller island. Aephos was a mainland territory claimed by Hedon, and also served as one of its many centers of production; Hedon was a democratic nation that specialized in trade and personal freedoms. Enkriss was, as the name suggested, a system ruled by an emperor. The nation's main specialties were weapons and scientific advancements—however, their land claims had shrunken as of recent due to reformed Hedon allegiances. With an election on the horizon and a warmongering candidate high in the running, the chances for armed conflict between the powers was rising exponentially.

By the end of that year Aeneas had fully recovered and was able to explore the town and catch up on current events. The election had gone over better than expected, with the violent candidate kicked out for unknown reasons and an Enkriss native in the highest spot, which made public relations go a lot smoother. An uneasy alliance was forming between the two superpowers.

In any case, none of this helped Aeneas's rekindled curiosity towards discovering his past. Soon after he was able to look around the remains of his escape pod he began having odd dreams during normally quiet nights, awaking the morning after with a pounding headache and few images burnt into his retinas that he felt he should know (but couldn't quite remember). After confessing his dreams, Drake brought Aeneas on a tour of the cities of Hedon while he searched for government records about the supposed larger crash.

It was in the large metropolis of Selesa that Aeneas experienced his first 'winter', and thereby realized that he was a cold-tempered creature. Drake also found evidence to suggest that there was indeed a different crash site, but it had long since been cleaned up and put under wraps as a jet testing accident. Determined to find the real answer, Drake sent Aeneas back to Aephos with a friend of his and traveled for the capital. The trip lasted half a year; once Aeneas got back he never heard from Drake again.

The next six months were quiet. Aeneas's dreams eventually stopped, having not left him without any new information about himself, and he found that he was getting progressively more passive. By the end of the second year there was still no information on Drake.

Then, without warning, the Ohm came and Aeneas was saved by Stacy the meatship.

The Lost YearsEdit

Aeneas believes he is around thirty years old. Whether or not this age is equivalent to the average human lifespan is still unknown.

The term 'Aeneas' is extremely significant, though the alien hasn't found anything definite to attach it to yet. Otherwise, Aeneas has no idea what his real name is.

Two images have become important recently. Aeneas has been unable to distinguish them completely, but he knows one deals with religion[1] and the other deals with 'The ___ Project'[2].

At some point, Aeneas became an extremely good chef[3] and mechanic. He also learned programming to some extent and is trying to find ways to refresh his memory[4] so that he can put it to use.

Aeneas appears to be afraid of flying[5], although this very well could've been caused by the crash.

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Game HistoryEdit

December PodpopEdit

Aeneas woke up to a meatship that had just learned that everyone’s universes had been destroyed. While everyone was grieving for the lost family (or searching furiously for them as the case may be), this alien was relatively calm, unable to grieve because he couldn’t remember if he’d lost anyone important, and unable to search because he was too busy learning other things.[6]

His first means of business was figuring out what all these odd, furless bipeds were called. He retrieved this information from one Doctor Jean Grey, along with the knowledge that his universe was destroyed. Aeneas was more interested in the humans than he was the mission; they were a prolific, strange sort of species, one that he wished to know more about, just as the Awesonians did him.[7]

Soon after meeting that first human female (as he learned the gender scent differences during that conversation), Aeneas listened to some music[8] and went exploring. With such a terrible sense of direction, however, he quickly got lost, stumbling upon an occupied Sensorium pod with one Doctor Temperance Brennan and her lab equipment. After some initial awkwardness and gawking, the alien gave her the short version of his story and learned that she was a human forensic anthropologist; more out of curiosity than anything, Aeneas then inquired if Tempe’s occupation could allow for her to discern his real age based on his teeth. Though she was willing to help, and Aeneas’s dental structure was somewhat similar to that of a human’s, [projected result]the species barrier proved to be too much to make a decent conclusion.[/projected result][9]

After some further wandering, Aeneas linked into the Omnicom system for the first time and discovered an announcement for a “Tea Night”, hosted by one Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation.[10] After meeting the host for himself—and sampling some of this ‘tea’ substance—Aeneas requested if he could be let into the kitchen to investigate how this beverage was created, where he learned more about Zuko’s firebending abilities and his royal lineage. [projected result]He also had a chance to sample and make some tea of his own while he was back there. And, natural cook that he is, it was fantastic.[/projected result][11]

Roughly a week and a half after he woke up, Aeneas had found himself a sleeping pod and was able to successfully find his way to the Sensoriums and the Pod Caverns (after a brief arranged meeting with Captain Mal Reynolds[12]). However, he had yet to find the Mess Hall and bathrooms, and he was starting to get very hungry. After doing some extra wandering (only to end up exactly back where he started on multiple occasions), Aeneas heard an odd sort of vocally-produced music coming from the Sensoriums. The musician in question was one Matt Olsen—who, to the alien’s great surprise and bewilderment, was the first human to show absolutely no shock upon encountering him. Though Aeneas’s emaciated state exacerbated an already bad first impression, the two quickly bonded over discussions of food and some of the creature’s holographic cooking. They then set off to find the Mess Hall, Matt’s girlfriend, and some real sustenance.[13][14]

During their exploring of the Living Area, Matt explained to Aeneas about his universe—mainly those aspects relating to his friends and magic, none of which the alien found even remotely convincing. After a small misunderstanding dealing with memories (and after they finally located the Mess Hall), Aeneas agreed to discuss the full details of what he knew of his life; [projected result]they did so, obviously, over slop and baked trays.[/projected result][15]

In his spare time afterwards, Aeneas was scanning his Omnicom when he noticed an add requesting electrical parts for a lightsaber. The alien, realizing that some of his own items still hidden on the ship might come of use for such an undertaking, offered his assistance.[16]

Mistletoe EventEdit

Feeling much better now that he was properly nourished, Aeneas was in a relatively good mood when the estranged AI GLaDOS preformed her dastardly experiments upon the crew—though it helped considerably that this alien could easily view the ceiling above him as to avoid any entrapments, so he was never captured himself. He was still willing to help those that were not so fortunate, including one Princess Abriel Nei Debrusc Borl Paryun Lafiel, a genetically modified human of some sort that, amazingly, had a similar pressure point in the center of her head that Aeneas did (though it served a different function, and was far from useful when it came to Aeneas’s form of ‘kissing’). In an effort to make up for the awkwardness that said encounter created, the alien led Princess Lafiel along a clear path to the Media Library, where she was safely able to wait out the rest of the experiments.[17]

Aeneas went back into the field of battle where he eventually stumbled upon one Arha Masaari, who was similarly happy to see him. The creature, however, did not expect to obtain such a strong empathetic link from this female, and she got a secret glimpse into his deepest of emotions during their exchange. When they were finally able to sort out that discomfiture, Aeneas finally introduced himself and learned who he was talking to—and remembered the agreement the two had made to search for lightsaber parts. With the opportunity presenting itself, the two quickly made their way down to the Special Weapons Division.[18]

It was a surprise to both of them to find the labs unlocked and unprotected, so the two wasted no time in searching for items of interest. Aeneas located a large box of Awesonian tech and some of his own devices, including a miniature translator, which he gave to Arha to use for her lightsaber. Then they split ways, because Aeneas was about to be late for a crew meeting.[19]

The conference in question was hosted by one Leon S. Kennedy, whom Aeneas met after the gathering in his office. The alien was willing to become a programmer, since he knew he had substantial knowledge on the language of computers; however, he couldn’t remember his training, and he wanted to know if Leon could direct him to somebody who could help refresh his faulty memory, please? He directed Aeneas to Allen Gentry for the more conventional approach and Doctor Jean Grey for the telepathic one. Deciding that he would most likely encounter Allen at the upcoming Chemistry Safety Lesson (which he’d signed up for earlier[20]), Aeneas decided to contact Jean at a later, more convenient time. Perhaps they could catch up—it had been a while since they’d last met.[21]

Some indiscriminate wandering later, and the alien found himself with several other humans on the Observation Deck. A tense, information-gathering conversation followed, led by one Lex Luther and surrounding a mysterious “coffee maker”. The whole exchange was rather confusing and unsettling.[22]

From that experience, Aeneas felt comfortable enough to do some real, unguided exploring, since he no longer feared the ship itself and felt he could deal with the people. His first casual stroll brought him to the Hangars and one Rtas ‘Vadum, the first non-humanoid alien this one had encountered since waking up in this place. Some intriguing dialogue about the other’s universe later, and suddenly Aeneas experienced his first waking vision of sorts. It was only a momentary flash of color that brought on a similarly brief migraine, but it was enough to simultaneously scare and fascinate Aeneas enormously—as well as Rtas. The alien was, once again, obligated to share the short version of his story to another creature.[23]

Then it was time for the Lab Safety class, hosted by one Billy Cranston and Wyn Callahan. Though Allen Gentry made an appearance (as he had unknowingly done on the Observation Deck as well), [projected result]Aeneas was too busy with the lesson itself to talk to him.[/projected result] The ordeal was…interesting.[24]

Holiday PlotEdit

The mission[25] was unexpected and mildly annoying, but still exciting, if only in a curious way. Even at this point he couldn’t take this entire situation seriously—the alien had yet to experience anything life threatening while serving his time on this ship, so why should he? The orientation to the mission only served to pique his curiosity and intrigue him about human customs and their home world that the crew was about to visit. These questions were answered, more or less, by the young human Jamie Hemeros[26] and the fairy Holly Short. The conversation with Holly also left Aeneas with his second waking vision, spurred by a stray memory about some sort of project (and, consequently, created more questions than he would’ve liked).[27]

In a brief exchange, Aeneas again met up with Arha Masaari and learned more about her home planet.[28] Then they headed for ‘Earth’. It was during this particular trip that Aeneas learned he was afraid of flying.

Upon landing, it was a completely different story.

The environment was perfectly suited for a creature of Aeneas’s structure, instantly rejuvenating him as soon as he was exposed to the frigid air and blistering storm.[29] Unfortunately his solace was cut short by a stray snowball to the face; within moments the alien was a part of a massive game of snowbound war, and he proved on many occasions to be quite the adept fighter.[30] A handful of snow down the insulating clothing of one human even got Aeneas into a furious “duel” with one Katara of the Southern Water Tribe, only just barely managing to pin her by the skin of his auricles, for she was a worthy opponent. The two were fast friends, especially since Aeneas had agreed to help find Katara’s boyfriend, Aang, when he first met Matt Olsen (and she was overjoyed to hear this). Consequently, this was the first instance in which Aeneas had experienced being hugged.[31]

Soon afterwards the portal to the holiday spirit’s dimension opened in the sky, and after some coaxing, Aeneas filed inside with the other crewmembers.[32] The whole thing was…extremely fascinating, especially since he was still trying to explain it all with scientific principles (which he was finding to be increasingly more difficult as he went along). He gave up on that and decided to just go along with it, shortly locating Matt and getting some costume advice. However, their means of locomotion—flying cars—was hardly what the alien was hoping for. He opted to stay behind and guard the portal.[33]

Several hours of uneventful patrolling later, and Aeneas was the first one to spot the oncoming hoard of Macrohard minions, sending out a frantic message to the rest of the crew before he was approached by the main line.[34] Though the alien was skilled at manipulating the snow and disabling human opponents, there was little he could do against the massive robots he was presented with other than take out a few and be a nuisance to the rest. The meager efforts, even with the successful attacks from backup, were enough to make Aeneas sustain various laser burns and a dislocated shoulder. He was able to fight far more effectively once Rtas loaned him a plasma rifle, even though he lost it soon after diving in to protect Matt from a ‘Megacracker’ attack.[35] All of this stress got to the alien quickly, and he was forced to sit out the end parts of the battle in order to avoid serious injury.[36]

Aeneas returned to the meatship with Matt, deciding to don something more festive in order to brighten their moods (and distract from their injuries). After some gift-giving and cheer-spreading, the two had to take a break and attend to their wounds. Matt, for the most part, was able to heal and relieve the pain of Aeneas’s more serious contusions; combined with what he saw him and some of the others use during the battle, the creature finally had to admit that magic, however it occurred, was a real force to be considered and taken seriously.[37]

Nightmare PlotEdit

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Before the MeatshipEdit

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